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Welcome to Barseat with RSC, your premier Nashville Cocktail site!  Pull up a Barseat, have a cocktail and enjoy! 

Nashville Cocktail

Barseat with RSC is a Nashville cocktail blog that provides cocktail education and original recipes. We also do cocktail events for the home bartender and the creative cocktail connoisseur.  Located in Nashville Tennessee with over thirty years in the hospitality industry. The team behind Barseat has received training from some of the top industry bartending professionals. We then help you, our home bartenders, in creating the perfect cocktail drink. 

At Barseat, we provide insight on all things boozy and alcohol related. You get to take advantage of our constant up to date training! We will show you how to create classic and new trending cocktails at your home parties and events. Your family and friends will have a blast and keep coming back for more!

Though our home base is Nashville, TN we cover not only Nashville cocktail events. We travel to events held by restaurants and bars across the globe. If you want your event or establishment covered here, please send us a message to have it added to our events page.


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Barseat w/RSC MASHUP's are monthly events that combine a fun atmosphere with cocktail education.  We highlight one specific cocktail and provide you all the tools and know how to replicate the cocktails in your very own home. We take a pop up party approach in different locations and food menu at each event. We promise you a great time, great cocktails and possibly some new great friends.




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