Blog courage courtesy of Blavity

Blog courage Courtesy of Blavity

Blogging has become more than just typing words on a post. Social Media now plays a major part in blogger success. You have to stream, have Instagram stories, Facebook Stories, You Tube stories, Facebook Live, Video to introduce dang video.   it seems also become an introvert. All of your brashness, bravado and spunk goes out the window. 

food and wine festivalfood and wine festival

A skinny pregnant chick pushed me down the stairs of fear

What is about it chicks name Kenya? Are they born with an extra genetic gene in giving no phucks and being fearless? Remember “Gone with the Wind fabulous”? My first impression of her was during my quick bathroom trip before the Blavity conference got underway. My herbal diuretic was coming through and the ½ cup of water I drank 5min ago was running through me. I looked down and noticed 4 inch heels and my first thought was “what in the ham sandwich have I gotten myself into?” I then noticed that she was live streaming, while walking (no runway strolling) up and down the event space like a grande dame beast. The cherry on top was that she looked be about 5months pregnant. Lord be a shot of bourbon, because I think I got my Generation X azz into some thick millennial porridge.

When Kenya started talking, it was then that the clouds parted and bright rays of sun highlighted my face. That and my Nars Taj Mahal blush. She spoke personally, about becoming fearless and giving zero phucks. She spoke of real life topics, valleys and high points, and to top it off she is a self-proclaim introvert. (Do I feel hands on my shoulders?) She proceeded to speak with her loud and distinct voice, her introverted voice about facing your fears and proclaiming your fears and if no one likes it, phuck it. It’s no longer a fear because you put it out there. #Bam. Why do I feel like I am falling? Did this chick just push me? Push me down the stairs of fear? Yes, she did and guess what? I survived. Kenya had more whole truths than Sojourner Truth and I am glad that my fear didn’t stop me from hearing it and being pushed.

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LOOK AT THE SHOES ……… I was wearing sneakers at month 3

Nothing wakes you up like Namaste in your cup


If you have ever been to the duty-free shop in Mexico and on the hunt for new tequila and noticed a tall slender brown bottle? I know you have! All you knew was the bottle looked special so the tequila HAD to be great. This is how she looked on this panel. Like that special, slender, mocha bottle of tequila on the shelf. She is a yogi. A brown skin yogi. A brown skin yogi in Nashville. A brown skin yogi in Nashville who drinks. I felt like I had found a copy of the Declaration of Independence in Music City.

She is unapologetically black. She is unapologetically real. She is slender as a willow tree and loves a drink called the “Blue MF”. She left her corporate America job to teach yoga, while supporting and raising two kids. Is there a Blavity award I can nominate her for? Will you take my humble attempt at a downward dog as a sign of appreciation? Renee Watkins is her name and she is so real she was giving out her number to those who wanted to learn yoga or book sessions. My take away: you can’t get back your yesterdays and tomorrow is not promised, so if it doesn’t hurt you or hurt others than go for it. You can follow Renee on Instagram and get updates on her events like Trap Yoga.

food and wine festivalfood and wine festival

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The Mastermind behind it all

She walked around saying Hi and checking people in . She was not obtrusive and I thought she was someone associated with Blavity that was assisting with the meeting. There was always a smile on her face as she scurried from one place to the other . It was not until she took the mic that I discovered she is Morgan DeBaun, the CEO and founder of Blavity.  Approachable , Friendly, and Real are just a few words that come to mind that describe this petite wonder woman. When I asked her about her favorite cocktail, she quickly responded with “anything with Tequila”.  Her story is similar to a lot of other African American female entrepreneurs and bloggers. She had the vision of Blavity and saved every dime that she could for a year and lived on a half a shoe string budget. This allowed her to leave her corporate america job and start Blavity. As she was telling me this story , it confirmed that I was not the first woman to be in this position. To birth an idea and struggle with the growing pains. To start with a vision that was not an instant success. This event turned my fearfulness into fearlessness. You can follow Morgan on Instagram or at


Morgan DeBaun

Morgan DeBaun

Final Thoughts

As a new blogger there was still a great deal of fear that I was dealing with. Will people like me? Is my voice to squeaky for video? What if I say the wrong thing? Am I pretty enough for video. I dont have the voice for a PodCast. I had a million and one reason why I was not going to do something. And all million of them were rooted in fear. When I purchased this ticket for what I thought was a Blavity networking event , I had no idea it was going to be my own personal FEAR intervention.

What is your fear?

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