Bourbon 101, You Love it but don’t know shit about it. Part 1

Let’s talk Bourbon for a minute, that popular spirit found in cocktails like the Old Fashion, Manhattan or my new favorite the Bourbon Sour. A great Bourbon can sooth your soul like a Sam Cooke song. It’s a bartender staple and honestly I put mine next to my flour and sugar because it’s a staple in my home.



Bourbon is a spirit original to North America, Traditional Bourbon is made in Kentucky, specifically. Now you will find other brands with Bourbon on the label. They tend to also have whiskey somewhere on the label.  The making of Bourbon is a simple one, I like to think of it similar to a dump cake. Only 5 ingredients needed, Corn, Barley, Rye, Yeast and Water.  Now to be Bourbon the recipe must be at least 51% corn and the other ingredients can vary in amounts.


So if your high flauntingly friend gifts you a bottle of “bourbon whisky” for Christmas, please don’t pour a cup and throw it in their face and shout IMPOSTER. It is probably still 51% corn and will taste similar but to be labeled Bourbon, it must come from Kentucky. Just like true champagne must come from Champagne, France to be called Champagne.  So if you hand me a bottle of Proseco, I will not decline it and I hope you don’t either.




Part 2 : Making it Rain with Corn

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