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The Bar Cart/The Home Bar


I was recently at a gathering other business owners and I mentioned my mission to bring back the bar cart. The barcart was a standard piece of home décor for most families in the 1950’s. Now granted if your African American, your parents or grandparents probably didn’t have a barcart in your home.  You probably remember your mom or dad having a big bottle of their favorite Brandy, Whiskey, Gin or Homemade wine (for my country folks) in the kitchen cabinet. My grandfather always had a big bottle of Johnny Walker Black in his house. But if you think about it ……..that to was some form of a barcart also. Next to that big bottle of Johnny Walker Black  or ( whatever your parents were drinking) were the glasses to drink it with and maybe some sugar cubes or a soda that they used to mix it with.


Now the difference between having a home bar and a simple bar cart is a number of things.


  • Size

A bar cart comes in a variety of sizes, shapes colors and styles. It can be on wheels, stationary or even on the wall. And with the current renewed interest there have been some great choices that are both functional and decorative.  A bar cart can typically hold a couple of bottles of either spirits or wines, that can be stored on top of the cart or underneath.  There is also space for an ice bucket, bar tools (which I will talk about in a later blog post) Also some of the fancier carts may have a space for a couple of glasses.


Overstock bar cart 2

Upton Home Tuscany Espresso/ Black Wine Bar Cart Serving Table



  • Shape

Bar Carts are coming in a variety of shapes these days. If your aesthetic is modern, there is a cart for you. Traditional, Country, Shabby Sheek, Retro or even Minimalist, there is a cart for you.  There are also a variety of colors and materials from teal to platinum, rare wood to glass. If you can think it ,9 times out 10 you can find it.


world market bar




  • Cost

Now gird your loins and hold your mule on this one, the price can range from $30 if you are a great DIY and you are into that pallet wood look. Or it can go into the $3k price range and probably higher depending on the designer and the materials. Don’t feel compelled to get the most expensive thing you see, remember it’s only going to be used to hold the Liquor and if its crappy liquor …Well………. Your $3,000 barcart is crappy also. But as long as it’s functional and doesn’t look like you went dumpster diving for it, you should be ok.

Restoration Hardware






kmart bar cart


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