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The Nashville construction boom has finally reached Brentwood and man is it nice. Del Frisco’s Grille has opened its second restaurant in Nashville in what can only be described as the South Beach district of Brentwood.  The restaurant boasts a beautiful outdoor patio with ceiling to floor windows connecting the outside patio to the inside bar/lounge area.

Del Friscos Brentwood

The décor is sophisticated and open without being stuffy.  I almost felt like I should have walked in doing that 2 step move that Bruno Mars does on his music video 24 Karat Magic , with the same song as my theme song. This place has a great vibe and the energy was very welcoming in area that is popular for Mère Bulles (I’m just saying)


What bought me here like a bee to honey was the Happy Hour. Happy hour is served Monday through Friday at the bar, the surrounding lounge area and the patio (weather permitting), offering half off cocktails and great small plates.


My first Happy Hour cocktail was the VIP, a martini consisting of house-infused pineapple vodka, clementine and lemon, Sign me up for two! This cocktail is so popular that they have been known to run out. Yes, actually Run. Out. The hand crafted process is a labor of love and it shows in each sip. The pineapple was sweet and the clementine tempered that sweetness down just enough to create a perfectly balanced sip. It was instant Nashville Umami. The VIP is everything I want in an after-work cocktail: balanced, refreshing, light and easy. If I’d a crappy day at work, then dammit I felt like a VIP at Del Frisco’s after tasting this cocktail.


For a New York minute, I was a true millennial mama with an Ahi Taco in one hand and a Kobe beef corn dog in the other. Speaking of corn dogs, I have never seen carnival food with so much swag. Happy Hour corn dogs come three to an order and are served on a specially made platter that has them arrive standing at attention. It was the perfect item to share and I had my Oprah moment, giving away favorite things: “You get a corn dog! You get a corn dog! You get a corn dog!” It was served with a house made ketchup and honey mustard.





The Ahi Taco (a.k.a. Low Carb Sushi) has all the flavor and freshness of sushi without the rice.  It was a filling- and flavor-packed bite. The crispy shell was just enough texture contrast for the soft, tender tuna.

Other Happy Hour highlights include the pepperoni and house made sausage flat bread with a thin and crispy crust and just the right amount of cheese, perfect for sharing. Meanwhile, the Spicy Guacamole with Corn Tortilla Chips, that took me right back to vacations in Cabo.





Another happy hour cocktail is appropriately called the Redeemer. Why is that appropriate? Let’s keep it real. Vodka is not everyone’s cup tea. Sometimes you want that warm cocktail hug after a long day. A hug from Big Momma that makes you feel secure, comforted and cleansed of your daily worries. The Redeemer is made with good old fashion Tennessee whiskey and as soon as you taste it, you feel warm as a Tennessee hug.



The bartender passed my the dessert menu like a secret combination for a lock box that housed my family’s jewels.  As I reviewed like a 3 day old work memo, the salted caramel pudding caught my eye . What was THIS? …….I couldn’t flag down the bartender fast enough. It was love at first bite, literally .  Creme Brulee and Banana Pudding hooked up and this is their love child. Creamy, Rich, Light with a Buttery Caramel topping ( do you notice that all of my descriptive words have capital letter? ) . Its just that freaking good .


My first visit to Del Frisco’s will not be last and I think a fellow happy hour customer at the bar summed it up well, “You won’t get a $2.50 beer here, but I come back for the great food, great draft beer and the atmosphere. Look at it! There is no other place in Brentwood with a vibe like THIS!” All I could do was agree and pass him a corn dog.

For additional information on the Del Frisco’s menu, including their weekend brunch, visit their website. For a limited time, when you sign up for their rewards program, they are not only giving you $25, but a free order of their Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls, too!

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