The Peach Old Fashion

Its summer time and peach season is in full swing. What better way to celebrate the peach than with a feature cocktail. This month’s Muddle of the Moment is the Peach Old Fashion. Today we used Knob Creek, feel free to use you favorite. Fresh Juicy Peach slices where then muddled with a dark brown sugar syrup. A couple dashes of bitters directly on the ice (today we used PourTaste Chi bitters) and top offed with your favorite bourbon. Stirred , strained and toped with a Luxarado cherry. Salud

summer, peach, old fashion

4 dashes Bitters directly on the ice
0.5 oz of brown sugar simple syrup
2 oz of Bourbon
Orange peel
Luxardo Cherry ( because where high class and got it like that )

Now you may ask your self….Self ,does it matter if I put the bitters directly on the ice first? And the answer is ……YES. By putting the bitters on the ice it cooks the bitters and that flavor profile blossoms and provides complexity and depth to the cocktail.

peach, old fashion, summer

This recipe will work with a variety of other fruits. If you have used a different fruit we would love to hear from you. Feel free to post a pic or link in the comments.

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