Cocktails that pack flavor and not pounds

2017 has bought with it new “resolutions ” aka broken promises that probably involve weight loss . Raise your your hand if you are in 2017 weight loss group ! ( both of my hands are up) . As I was searching for like minded people on facebook I saw an older post on Tiana Taylor . She look like a damn shinny penny in  Kanye West video for the song FADE. That was her POST BABY body … let me repeat (POST BABY). I didn’t look that good pre baby. However, clean eating was not in style when I had my first child 17 years ago.  And after much contemplating, wall squats and a couple 30 second planks I have come up with the Bona Fide list of low calorie cocktail Teana Taylor MUST be drinking to have a body like that. Just because I have made promises to God and State to lose weight does not mean I’m not drinking .

tt1 (3)

  • The Vanilla T T

A milky smooth concoction of Jay Robb Protein powder, Skinny girl Pina Colada and Silk almond milk (Another one).  37 grams of protein, taste like Pineapples and looks like breast milk (the ultimate Trifecta)



2.Martini and Rossi Bianco with Tonic

I discovered this during the South Beach food and wine festival . It was hot as Hell’s bells and this cocktail looked wet and the least able to take me to the drunk in the sand stage ( this is a real ) . Not only was it refreshing , but it taste great . I literally parked my self at his booth like a idle Uber driver and had about 5 more of these cocktails.  Its equal parts Vermouth and Tonic with a splash of Lime . Total calories 187, low calorie cocktail win.

low calorie cocktail


3 Rum and Cold Brew Coffee


Cold Brew was all the rage in 2016 and it looks like its going to be a permanent fitness staple for 2017.  The great thing is that Cold brew coffee makes one helluva cocktail. Here we have 1 oz Tonic, 2oz Dark Rum and topped with cold brew coffee .  192 calories


low calorie cocktail


  1. Hennessy Paradis Extra (Rare Cognac)


If you look at the side profile of this bottle, this is exactly how my side profile will look after I finish this 30 Burpee, Squat, Sit Up, Juice fast challenge.  110 calories, very expensive, rare, not to be found in your everyday store and the exact color of her skin when wet. Don’t believe me. Take a look at the video. Cheers!

low calorie cocktail


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